Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19th Sewing Projects

I have been playing around with pleating and smocking occasionally, now I have a Grandaughter to actually make clothes for. This dress is from Australian Smocking & Embroidery, Issue No. 79, called the Matilda, the smallest size is 6 months which is what I made. Went together very easily, I did not like jumping around from the pattern pull out sheets to the book several times for the instructions. Made using a flannel fabric from, not sure if it will be to heavy for her or not, but I think she sure looks cute!

I told my Daughter this is the last sewing project I am doing for her until after Christmas, until then she needs to make a list. I have to many projects (that I won't get finished) that I want to make for gift giving. This is a Boppy Pillow, she requested a couple of these, my first question was what the heck is it? After her explanation and me doing a internet search, here it is! We didn't have Boppy Pillows when my kids were little, if you wanted them to set up a little you just laid them on a ordinary pillow, lol.

I just love the internet in looking for free patterns for just about everything! My thanks to all those who are willing to share and taking the time to take pics and type up instructions without asking for $$ to do it!
Here is the link to the instructions I found
very easy and they sew up quick, you know how much these things sell for in a store? Way to much!! I didn't put a zipper in the ones I made, had a ton of left over stuffing which was enough to make up 2 of these, one for here and one for my Daughter to take home. Katie looks pretty comfortable in hers.

It was time to break down and get a new Washer and Dryer. My old dryer had developed a hole in the drum from the pulleys, so every time I used it, it made a constant thumping. My son was able to pop rivet a piece of metal over the hole, because at one point the pulley came through and the drum wouldn't turn at all.
We purchased the latest greatest Front Loading machines. I read several reviews on these machines, them seem to be along the same line as my Roomba's. Yes they are nice but they take a little bit more maintenance then your standard old fashioned type. I like being able to load a lot of stuff in these, and they use so much less water too, should help with the water bill! At least the cat has some new entertainment.

I would like to thank anyone who reads my blog for taking the time, if you ever have a question or comment please feel free to leave it, I will get a notice if you do. Also want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st-Wow

I can not believe it is December already! I am so behind on my poor little blog :(

Having a new Grand Daughter is so much fun! Finally have a little girl to make bows for, I have been making hair clippies, korker bows, woven headbands and regular bows to sell at the Country Lane General Store in Auburn, Indiana, for a couple of years now. Her Mommy is now into the bow making, so gave her all the instructions, templates and ribbons she wants so she can make them instead of waiting for me to get around to it. She did an excellent job on this one!
Of course we do have a attention grabbing kitty, she doesn't care if I already have a baby on me, she still wants her petting too.

These are some of the items I have been making and selling on eBay and etsy. Casserole Dish Carriers 13"x9 size and then round ones to carry a 2-3qt
casserole dish. These have actually been pretty good sellers so far. One thing I have learned from making and selling things at the store is that you don't want to go hog wild making up a bunch of the same thing. Why? Because if it doesn't sell you are stuck with it. I have lost a lot of money in eBaying some of my items that just didn't sell at the store.

But on another note, just because it doesn't sell at the store doesn't mean it won't sell well some where else. These carriers did not sell at all. I don't think people took the time to look to actually see what they were.

The rectangular one is my own design, just used my 13"x 9" dish to make a pattern. The round one I found instructions for it on the internet. These have either Warm and Natural Batting or Pellon Thermolam in the center to help keep warm items warm or cold items cold. Usually use a cotton/canvas fabric on the inside, webbed/fabric handles and it is quilted to hold everything together.

This is another item that has been selling ok for me too. I had a few made up and they have all sold. It is a Cricut Expression Dust Cover/Tote. This is another pattern that I created. I started out going to make just a simple dust cover for my Cricut, but with my Daughter and I sharing it and it being hauled back and forth between our homes, I wanted something to protect it and make it easier to carry.

This is a note about something that bothers me greatly. Before you buy instructions/patterns of any kind on making anything take the time to do a internet search to see if you can find it for free.
My latest project has been the fabric quilted styrofoam ornaments, there are people selling the instructions all over the place, but if you take the time to search you will find them for free. How someone can charge you for info you can find free is really annoying to me. So please take the time to do a search and save your hard earned dollars.
Ok off my soapbox! Back to Sewing, Crafting, Being Creative!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Halloween Costume

Ry in his Pumpkin Halloween Costume, isn't he so cute!!

Started out to make him a Dinosaur Costume, but once he saw
the pattern envelope he wanted to be a Pumpkin.

I used Butterick Pattern BP230, and fleece for the costume, the
directions said to use velcro for the back closure, but velcro and fleece
do not mix in the wash, so I put a zipper in. After doing the hat
per the instructions, it was a little skimpy looking, cut out and added
more leaves, and made my own stem. Just cut a rectangle, stitched it
up, stuffed it and hand sewed it to the top. Made the size 6, he should be able
to even wear this next year.

Ry and Katie, chillin at home.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Granddaughter is Here!

Katelyn Renee Olis, born a little before 6 pm yesterday evening, weighing in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.

Baby and Mother are doing Great!
As she was delivering the Dr. said "This baby has a big head", I told her she (my daughter) didn't really want to hear that! We all laughed!
Good Healthy Size Baby, and she looks just like her Daddy!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Shoulder Burp Cloths

These were made using a good quality cloth diaper on the back, soft flannel or cotton on the front. Edge stitched with my serger or using some of the decorative stitch cams that I have for my Singer 503A.

Used this FREE pattern from the You Can Make This website

These stitch up really fast and easy! Great Website to browse and purchase from, love all their stuff!!

Fleece Throws/Blankets

Colts Fleece Blanket
Made this one by cutting fabric into 9 inch squares and sewing together using a 1 inch seam allowance. Then cut the seam allowances to the stitching to fringe it.

Made this one for my Son-in-law

Used a fleece panel and added another plain color fleece to the back, pinked the edges and folded over to the front and instant binding.

We are now into the month of October, already had our first frost advisary, the temperature went down to about 34° These fleece throws/blankets are perfect to cozy up to on a chilly day or evening.

Very simple and fast to make!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Model 27-Update

Well here she is all cleaned up and refinished. Once I got it all cleaned up you can see more of the decals. Spent many hours sanding the cabinet with a palm sander and hand sanding. Also used a Dremel with a small wire wheel to remove loose paint and rust from the base before re-painting it. The Dremel and its small sanding attachments were a big help to remove gunk around the drawer details. To help protect the machine and the remaining decals I picked up some clear top coat for cars, hopefully that will keep any more of the details from being rubbed away.

Drawer Details.

In researching info on this machine and the decals, found out it is a Pheasant? design. I love the way more of the detail came through once I removed all the dirt and oil, in some areas I didn't even realize there was any detail until it was cleaned up. Used extreme goo gone and a soft cloth to gently clean the machine, didn't want to remove any more of the decals, so a gentle touch was required. In the places that it is worn away you can tell it was used a lot.

Still waiting for slide plates to cover the bobbin area that I ordered. That hasn't stopped me from sewing on it though. Already did a small quilted wall hanging.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Model 27

I am so excited I just acquired a Singer Model 27 Treadle Sewing Machine! I have never seen one up close and in person. I purchased it locally from a Craigslist posting for $50, she is in rough shape but I am having fun getting her cleaned up and ready to sew. The man I purchased it from said it belonged to his Great Grandmother, and since neither he or his wife sewed they wanted to find a new home for it.

Looking up the Serial Number on this I found out it was made in 1910 in Elizabeth, New Jersey so she is almost 100 years old.
Bountiful Harvest of Sweet Corn-This was the first picking, even with all the garden flooding issues I had in the spring, my sweet corn did really good! Froze up over 20 dozen. We had to buy a chest freezer because my freezer in the house would not hold any more. Of course we had to buy and build a shed to put some of the "stuff" in the garage in to, to make room for a chest freezer, lol. It only took my oldest son and myself 3 days to get a 10 x 10 shed put up.

Tomatoes are another story, they are growing very slowly, may be the flooding in the spring, the cooler summer we seem to have had, the variety I planted or the spot in the garden I planted them in, not sure how they are going to turn out. No red ones yet and it is almost September.
I do have one volunteer that came up in another spot and I have gotten a few red ones from it.

I have planted beets 3 times now, and still nothing! I think something has been digging them up as soon as they start to grow and eating them. I have found little dig spots all around them. Since they will grow in cooler temps I am going to plant them for a fourth time inside the little fenced in area I have. I really like my pickled beets and eggs.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Sewing Projects, On a Roll.......

A couple of cool cotton summer dresses for my daughter. Used McCalls Easy Stitch 'n Save M5833. My daughter picked out the pattern and the fabric. She is due in October with her second child and was wanting something comfortable and feminine to wear. These were very easy to sew up, just like the name says.

Doll clothes sewing, very quick and easy projects when I want to sew something but don't want a large project to do. My girl doll came with a Christmas dress, this being August she needed something else to wear. I had saved the info on this free smocked doll dress Another easy to sew project. Great instructions!!

American Girl Baby Boy Doll, came with no clothes, so I am working on getting him some made. Finished his pants, just need to make him a shirt now.

I always have several of my Embroidery Machine test stitch outs laying around. Usually I end up making Sewing, Embroidery, and Serger Machine dust covers. I needed a dust cover for all of my wooly nylon thread that I use on my sergers. This was a challenge to make. Tall and round and has a lazy susan bottom. But I am happy with the results.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow July Already!!

My Grandson Ryan just had his 3rd Birthday! My Grandson Jaden's Birthday is next month and he is going to be 5! They grow up so fast!

Latest sewing projects, casserole carriers. The round ones hold up to a 3 quart round or square casserole dish and the rectangle one I designed to fit my Pyrex covered 13" x 9" Dish.

These are available in my etsy shop
I also have these available for sale at the Country Lane General Store in Auburn, Indiana

I searched and searched for a normal round casserole dish but could not find any I know I used to have one and don't know what happened to it. Wal-Mart carries them but all they have are Rachael Ray or Paula Dean, I just wanted a normal pyrex, corningware etc. 2 or 2.5 quart. I even checked the local goodwill and salvation army stores and still no luck.

I finally found one from a fellow etsy seller, ModishVintage, whew! It was $24 including the shipping cost, I just could not see the sense in buying one and paying high dollars for it just because someone famous had their name attached to it!!

Believe me this one will not be let out of my sight for anything I love it, Thank you ModishVintage!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Busy Month

Graduation party for my youngest son, what a struggle the last four years have been for both of us to get through. But we made it, now on to college to be a automotive tech.
Still having garden flooding issues, we finally traced the water back to our neighbors yard. Oldest son dug up where the water was coming from, broken tile. Called the city out, not their responsibility, not one of their lines? Not sure what this tile is for, maybe old field tile before they built houses here, but it seems to run off in different directions. We even called out some drainage expert only $1800 for them to run a system around our back yard, not even going there! We set up a sump pump inside a plastic garbage can and buried that in the lowest part of the garden. Had a lot of rain yesterday and the garden had some standing water in it, had to go out and clean out the some of the ditches we had dug to help the water run into the sump pump. Got up this morning and no standing water! By this afternoon it was getting pretty well dried out, thank goodness since I had to re-plant most of it, this time though everything was planted in raised beds. I probably would have sat down and cried (again) if everything was drowned out.

My biggest fan and supporter of my sewing, my Grandson Ryan. He has more interest in my sewing then any of my kids.

Watching and learning how to wind a bobbin, and loving on Mammaw!