Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Busy Month

Graduation party for my youngest son, what a struggle the last four years have been for both of us to get through. But we made it, now on to college to be a automotive tech.
Still having garden flooding issues, we finally traced the water back to our neighbors yard. Oldest son dug up where the water was coming from, broken tile. Called the city out, not their responsibility, not one of their lines? Not sure what this tile is for, maybe old field tile before they built houses here, but it seems to run off in different directions. We even called out some drainage expert only $1800 for them to run a system around our back yard, not even going there! We set up a sump pump inside a plastic garbage can and buried that in the lowest part of the garden. Had a lot of rain yesterday and the garden had some standing water in it, had to go out and clean out the some of the ditches we had dug to help the water run into the sump pump. Got up this morning and no standing water! By this afternoon it was getting pretty well dried out, thank goodness since I had to re-plant most of it, this time though everything was planted in raised beds. I probably would have sat down and cried (again) if everything was drowned out.

My biggest fan and supporter of my sewing, my Grandson Ryan. He has more interest in my sewing then any of my kids.

Watching and learning how to wind a bobbin, and loving on Mammaw!