Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19th Sewing Projects

I have been playing around with pleating and smocking occasionally, now I have a Grandaughter to actually make clothes for. This dress is from Australian Smocking & Embroidery, Issue No. 79, called the Matilda, the smallest size is 6 months which is what I made. Went together very easily, I did not like jumping around from the pattern pull out sheets to the book several times for the instructions. Made using a flannel fabric from, not sure if it will be to heavy for her or not, but I think she sure looks cute!

I told my Daughter this is the last sewing project I am doing for her until after Christmas, until then she needs to make a list. I have to many projects (that I won't get finished) that I want to make for gift giving. This is a Boppy Pillow, she requested a couple of these, my first question was what the heck is it? After her explanation and me doing a internet search, here it is! We didn't have Boppy Pillows when my kids were little, if you wanted them to set up a little you just laid them on a ordinary pillow, lol.

I just love the internet in looking for free patterns for just about everything! My thanks to all those who are willing to share and taking the time to take pics and type up instructions without asking for $$ to do it!
Here is the link to the instructions I found
very easy and they sew up quick, you know how much these things sell for in a store? Way to much!! I didn't put a zipper in the ones I made, had a ton of left over stuffing which was enough to make up 2 of these, one for here and one for my Daughter to take home. Katie looks pretty comfortable in hers.

It was time to break down and get a new Washer and Dryer. My old dryer had developed a hole in the drum from the pulleys, so every time I used it, it made a constant thumping. My son was able to pop rivet a piece of metal over the hole, because at one point the pulley came through and the drum wouldn't turn at all.
We purchased the latest greatest Front Loading machines. I read several reviews on these machines, them seem to be along the same line as my Roomba's. Yes they are nice but they take a little bit more maintenance then your standard old fashioned type. I like being able to load a lot of stuff in these, and they use so much less water too, should help with the water bill! At least the cat has some new entertainment.

I would like to thank anyone who reads my blog for taking the time, if you ever have a question or comment please feel free to leave it, I will get a notice if you do. Also want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

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