Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Check out my etsy store

I shut down my ebay store back when all the sellers were going on strike due to the unfavorable changes that ebay made. Decided to try etsy, I have sold 2 items so far, a couple of badge reels. I have so many items to list yet! Keep checking out my store there ** if you are a member of etsy please add me to your favorites!

I also accept RME for payment besides the usual PayPal, Money Order and Personal Checks.

This is a view that I hope to have every day, some day. This is a picture from our lake vacation, DH and I hope to retire someday to a nice little lake cottage.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Home From Vacation

View from our cottage we rented for a week on Lake Tippacanoe, Patona Bay in Leesburg, Indiana. We all had a great time! My son Eric took his friend Cody and my daughter Elizabeth took her friend Samantha, Vacation with 4 teenagers??? LOL We also rented a pontoon for the week so we spent a lot of time out on the boat, swimming on a sandbar just out a little bit from where we were staying.

The kids wanted to do that more than go down a little ways to the beach, which was set up mostly for little kids, the raft was only about waist deep there. None of us would get off the boat and go swimming until Cody had jumped in the water to scare away the fish and turtles! He loved doing back flips to try to impress girls on other boats, lol.

Fishing wasn't to bad, not that great either. We all went fishing and caught a few but turned them loose, mostly bluegill and a couple nice size bass. Everyone else had casting rods but I used an old fashioned cane pole, just like my Grandpa used to set up for me when I was a kid, actually caught a nice size bass using it.
Plenty of sun and fun for everyone!!

It has taken me several days to get laundry caught up, lawns mowed and just general stuff done around the house.

Actually went out and picked strawberries from my little patch and had enough to make a batch of strawberry jam, ummmmmm yummy.

Can't wait to get back to crafting~!

While we were gone my oldest daughter got married! Her fiance was able to come home on leave from Iraq for 2 weeks, so they decided to get married. Went to the courthouse. They had the reception today and we had beautiful weather too! I am so happy she found a great guy who will be a wonderful husband for her and a wonderful father to her son Ryan. Congratulations!!!!!! He has to leave on the 21st to go back but will be able to come home for good in December, thoughts and prayers go with him!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

June Happenings

We are heading off on vacation soon! Not sure how much of a vacation that will be with DH, me, son 17 and daughter 14, plus they are each taking a friend! Will let you know how it goes later!

Embroidered Pony Tail Cuffs and Bracelets.

Also playing with Polymer Clay, learning how to make floral canes, this is quite addictive! I hadn't planned on getting so involved in the clay but once I purchased a pasta machine that was it, I am hooked. These are some bracelets I made using my first floral cane attempt.

It has finally warmed up here in Indiana. Near 90° and very humid! Not my kind of weather at all. Hopefully everyone stays safe and cool this summer, and crafting.