Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy Bee Here

I finally made the trip over to talk to "Deb" yes I am talking about you, lol, from the Country Lane General Store. My sister had given her my business card and she checked out my blog and liked what she saw. So she called me and I packed up a bunch of my stuff to take over and show her in person. I am really looking forward to getting a spot set up and start selling!

These are some of the bottle cap necklace parts I have been working on. This is probably only about half of them, right now. These are scrap booking shaker bubbles, fit perfectly inside a bottle cap. I put 2 coats of a clear non-toxic, protective coat on them, then a final coat of clear fingernail polish, really makes them shine, plus they are protected from being scratched.

Here are some monogramed fabric covered buttons.

And some princess clippies, can you name them all? I purchased these from Devon at http://myworld.ebay.com/nobow...nogo/ she is soooo clever!! Same person I purchased my woven head band instructions from.

Also a good friend of mine (and enabler, lol) Tami told me about this website http://smartneedle.com/thecollections.html since I have a large order of 1" plastic headbands coming I just had to purchase their summer time in the hoop fabric covers for the headbands, lol. Needed some variety to add to my woven headbands. Thanks Tami, you are the bestest! Can't wait to get some of these made up!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Latest and Greatest!

Crazy weather here in Indiana! Snow, then fog, now rain! Most of the snow is gone from all the rain we have been getting. I think my poor garden has been under water all winter long haven't seen standing water like that before. My schedule is all messed up with the school closings, 2 and 3 hour delays, kids are loving it!

I have been really sick, so I haven't accomplished as much as I have wanted to. Finally went to the Dr. to get something to make me feel better. I am stubborn and bull headed when it comes to going to the Dr. for myself, I wait for my body to heal itself, unfortunately sometimes you need the modern miracle drugs, antibiotics, lol

They did a step throat test, never had one of those done before so I wasn't prepared when the poor nurse stuck that swab clear down my throat, (did I mention I am a gagger from way back?) lol. But it came back negative, no strep throat, just good ole tonsillitis plus a sinus infection, yeah! Gave me a script for some antibiotics, should start feeling better any day now? I hope?

Also asked for a prescription for Chantix, suppose to block those nasty little nicotine receptors in your brain (have you seen the commercials on TV?) and have a 80% success rate in helping you to quit smoking. I am so ready! My Dr. and my Son both tell me I wouldn't have as many sinus problems if I would just quit smoking, like I am not an adult and know that already????? Dr. said to start on this stuff once I start feeling better, I will let you know how it goes.

Latest hot projects-Bottle cap necklaces

These have been very popular with my youngest DD and her friends (14 yr age range) not the HM ones but the Kitty ones. These are just a sampling, I have made about 15-20 so far.

1" Woven Headbands

These have been a blast to make, I purchased the instructions from Devon at
http://myworld.ebay.com/nobow...nogo/ I love her stuff, and her instructions are the best, so easy to follow with step by step pics. I also purchased her Princess Clippies, have made 3 so far and they have even turned out great! Keep up the good work Devon!!!!