Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st-Wow

I can not believe it is December already! I am so behind on my poor little blog :(

Having a new Grand Daughter is so much fun! Finally have a little girl to make bows for, I have been making hair clippies, korker bows, woven headbands and regular bows to sell at the Country Lane General Store in Auburn, Indiana, for a couple of years now. Her Mommy is now into the bow making, so gave her all the instructions, templates and ribbons she wants so she can make them instead of waiting for me to get around to it. She did an excellent job on this one!
Of course we do have a attention grabbing kitty, she doesn't care if I already have a baby on me, she still wants her petting too.

These are some of the items I have been making and selling on eBay and etsy. Casserole Dish Carriers 13"x9 size and then round ones to carry a 2-3qt
casserole dish. These have actually been pretty good sellers so far. One thing I have learned from making and selling things at the store is that you don't want to go hog wild making up a bunch of the same thing. Why? Because if it doesn't sell you are stuck with it. I have lost a lot of money in eBaying some of my items that just didn't sell at the store.

But on another note, just because it doesn't sell at the store doesn't mean it won't sell well some where else. These carriers did not sell at all. I don't think people took the time to look to actually see what they were.

The rectangular one is my own design, just used my 13"x 9" dish to make a pattern. The round one I found instructions for it on the internet. These have either Warm and Natural Batting or Pellon Thermolam in the center to help keep warm items warm or cold items cold. Usually use a cotton/canvas fabric on the inside, webbed/fabric handles and it is quilted to hold everything together.

This is another item that has been selling ok for me too. I had a few made up and they have all sold. It is a Cricut Expression Dust Cover/Tote. This is another pattern that I created. I started out going to make just a simple dust cover for my Cricut, but with my Daughter and I sharing it and it being hauled back and forth between our homes, I wanted something to protect it and make it easier to carry.

This is a note about something that bothers me greatly. Before you buy instructions/patterns of any kind on making anything take the time to do a internet search to see if you can find it for free.
My latest project has been the fabric quilted styrofoam ornaments, there are people selling the instructions all over the place, but if you take the time to search you will find them for free. How someone can charge you for info you can find free is really annoying to me. So please take the time to do a search and save your hard earned dollars.
Ok off my soapbox! Back to Sewing, Crafting, Being Creative!!

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Cheryl said...

She is a cutie. Congrats on the new grandbaby. Have a great holiday with her.