Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Model 27-Update

Well here she is all cleaned up and refinished. Once I got it all cleaned up you can see more of the decals. Spent many hours sanding the cabinet with a palm sander and hand sanding. Also used a Dremel with a small wire wheel to remove loose paint and rust from the base before re-painting it. The Dremel and its small sanding attachments were a big help to remove gunk around the drawer details. To help protect the machine and the remaining decals I picked up some clear top coat for cars, hopefully that will keep any more of the details from being rubbed away.

Drawer Details.

In researching info on this machine and the decals, found out it is a Pheasant? design. I love the way more of the detail came through once I removed all the dirt and oil, in some areas I didn't even realize there was any detail until it was cleaned up. Used extreme goo gone and a soft cloth to gently clean the machine, didn't want to remove any more of the decals, so a gentle touch was required. In the places that it is worn away you can tell it was used a lot.

Still waiting for slide plates to cover the bobbin area that I ordered. That hasn't stopped me from sewing on it though. Already did a small quilted wall hanging.

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Gwen said...

Awesome! Such a beautiful piece of sewing history and thanks to you a beautiful piece of sewing future...
Gwen in Fort Wayne