Thursday, January 24, 2008


Haven't posted much on here lately, been busy getting stuff made up to sell in a store setting. DH and DK's don't understand that I am "working". I am trying to get a variety of items made, from the fabric covered barrettes, to clippies, woven headbands, bottlecap necklaces and some embroidered picture wall hangings, want to have a variety to see what appeals to people the most and what they are willing to spend their hard earned dollars on. Then hopefully I will be able to narrow down the items I make to just a few select things.

My yahoo group is closed, I thought I had announced that previously? Anyway, I for one belong to to many groups and didn't want to make people have to join one more, lol.

There is something going on on the embroidery groups also that I really don't understand. There are a couple that I purchased memberships to that are transferring their designs to their web sites and making them password protected. Something to do with mean hateful e-mails and people trying to tell them how to do things?????

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Soooooo Busy! Thank you!

Well it is official, I am an official business with a tax ID! Sewitch Stitching! Darn now I guess I have to start paying taxes? Yeah I know I do, lol. I have been working on many projects, my most recent is the fabric covered barrettes that are stitched out in the hoop on my embroidery machine. Just a small amount of hand stitching to close up the edges then hot glue gun a barrette onto the back side.

I am selling these designs to those that are interested, this is such a fast and easy project and I hadn't seen anything like this out there so I decided to create my own. Working on getting a lot of items made up and hopefully renting and setting up a display in a local shop. More items in the works, love combining my embroidery with my crafty side.

Told You I have a Smart Grandson!

Here Grandpa is explaining how the child proof latches are installed on the cabinet doors.

Installation of the first bracket begins, using the power screwdriver, under Grandpa's careful supervision!

Uh-oh, power screwdriver lost power, have to switch to the regular screwdriver.

Now for the other cabinet door.

My Daughter (his Mom) took these pictures, so cute! Sorry friends he isn't for hire, you know child labor laws and all, lol.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well it is another New Year. Did you make any resolutions? Not me, just the same old things, lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more. I always attempt all 3 things at some point over the year, never quite get there, so not putting any pressure on myself and making a resolution. Maybe one of these days, but it seems the older I get the "one of these days" seems to be a shorter reach? The days are running out.

Menopause-I think I am in the throes of this wonderful time in every woman's life. Yeah right, night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings (not good for someone who is supposedly bi-polar, some days even my medication doesn't seem to help). Aunt Flo hadn't been to visit me in over a month, I was about ready to start celebrating, then New Years Day, she comes back to visit, she could have stayed away, that part wouldn't have bothered me at all! Asked my Mom about her experience with menopause, she didn't have any, she had a hysterectomy and that was it.

Sewing and Embroidery Machines-I have had several over the last couple of years, mostly good only one bad machine. Which is my Singer XL5000 the timing has gone out in it 2 times now in the couple of months I have had it. Not a happy camper at all! Not only does it cost money to have it fixed but it is a 40 mile drive round trip to take it someplace to get it fixed. If they aren't going to have conveniently located repair people they need to explain in the Owner's Manual how to fix these simple things. Why make people have to be without their machines and pay money to fix this? It is a racket! Can not get any info on how to do this myself (still working on that one), seems to be a big secret. I have done an internet search that takes me to qualified repair technicians in your area, not a help, I already know where the ONE is, thank you very much. I have posted on Yahoo groups and on hoping someone knows the secret and is willing to share it, lol.

Ok on to happier things, sewing and embroidery. I have been working on digitizing designs to cover the rectangular and oval plastic hair barrette covers. Success! I am so tickled with my designs and that they (I think) look so good! These are all done In the Hoop, there is only some small hand sewing to close the edges up after inserting the plastic part. I have digitized up a bunch of different designs, but since I am down to one embroidery machine right now I haven't been able to get them all stitched out. These barrettes aren't completely finished either, still need to attach the metal clip to the back and since I have a ton of those hot fix crystals that I haven't used, I am thinking of adding some bling to these also.