Friday, February 13, 2009

New Projects!!

Yeah, been working hard, pulling out all those craft patterns and of course buying more! I doubt I will ever get everything I have in my mind and in my stash ever crafted up, lol. But it sure keeps me busy and out of trouble.

This is a sample of a Bunny I just made that is sitting in my home, I actually made up a total of four, three of them are at the store ready for new homes, those do not have the carrots though, just plain. But they all have on different dresses with different lace accents. So cute!
Valentines Day is tomorrow, DH and I are going to the movies and out to eat today, since he may not be home tomorrow, ah life on the railroad. I made a special picture for him to hang in his office.
He hasn't seen this yet, will give it to him hopefully tomorrow before he goes to work, but if he gets called he will get it before then. This embroidery design is from The Quiltery. I admit it is a little different then your usual cutesy embroidery design which is why I love it so much. It pretty much represents me, all of me, lol. I am a Mom and a Grandma but first and foremost I am still a WOMAN
Free motion quilted using my Singer 503A, purchased a free motion foot and away I went, had to do some adjusting with the foot pressure and the thread tension but this is my favorite type of quilting and I love being able to use this specialty foot to accomplish this on my all time favorite machine.
Drawstring Cat, er Dog? bed, I made this for our kitties, but Molly has decided she likes it and it is now hers, I had to loosen the drawstring a tad more so she can fit in it better than what these pictures show, lol.
Kevin and Renee relaxing at home, oh wait a minute that isn't us, it is Max and Molly! I think they think they are people!

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