Sunday, March 22, 2009

Computer Issues

Don't you just love computers? I know I do a lot on mine and when it is working really good, it is great! But when it is not working great, I just want to throw it out the door!

I discovered through DH and oldest son that I have very little memory capacity on my computer, DH has ordered me triple the memory and it will be here (not soon enough) next week. Hopefully then all the issues I have been having will be resolved.

I have been having problems with it running really slow and freezing up. My DH didn't realize that since I became involved in the wonderful world of embroidery 4 years ago I have downloaded and saved thousands of free and purchased embroidery designs. That doesn't even include my own digitized designs and tons of free and purchased lessons.

So if anyone has tried to contact me please be patient it is hard to navigate and get around right now on this slow and freezing up computer!


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