Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warmer Weather?

Oh my gosh it is suppose to get near 60° today, I think we are just being teased because it is going to cold again, lol. But it sure has given me some spring fever. Thinking thoughts of spring, and Easter, bunnies, eggs, candy...............oh the crafty patterns are coming out!

My Mom ended up having to go back in the hospital for more surgery on her heart, she is home again and doing good!

My poor Grandson fell and hit his head on the arm of a wood futon, poor baby, needed 4 stitches, and it was not easy on him, his Mommy or his Ma-maw.

Been working on more patches for one of the American Legion Riders groups that I work with. I am getting quite an education on patch terminology. Rocker Panel? What the heck is a rocker panel? Ah now I know, curved like the rockers on a rocking horse! Got it!

Be sure and check out my stuff listed in my etsy store, spring cleaning going on, need to reduce my inventory of stuff so I have room to work on new and exciting things.
I am going to be working on doing more clay items, wire jewelry and working with resin, I have worked a little with the resin and have made a few mistakes. The best way for me to learn something new, is read as much as I can, then jump in there and do it!

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