Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday Evening

What a smart baby! Only 17 months old and already reading the paper! Actually my Grandson loves to tear it up, he might stop for a moment to check out the pictures but then it is crinkle time!

I have been really busy the last couple of days. Started up a Yahoo group to share some of my digitized Machine Embroidery Designs and there has been a lot of activity in doing that.

I was almost overwhelmed by the response but it has slowed down now. I wondered if I should have just posted my designs to someone else's group, it is always a hassle belonging to so many groups. I know I have had to go through and leave some of the ones I belonged to. I feel bad when I do that and I try to let the group owner know that it isn't anything personal, just have to cut down on my daily messages. I do have my settings on most groups set to Daily Digest, but I still get a lot of messages. Sometimes it is hard to wade through all the ads just to find the stuff of interest, but the group owners are working on making that easier for their members.

I may in the future just add my designs to someone else's group, with their permission of course, lol. The most popular designs that everyone was interested in were my Fringe Button ones. I have others in the works and am waiting for a shipment of other Hair Accessories that I want to digitize designs for.

Should I continue giving away my designs or sell them? Big Debate going on in my mind. I enjoy sharing but hey we all could use a little money, right?

I did get some digitizing done today in between cleaning house, doing the laundry and fixing the roof. Yes I said fixing the roof. There is a part of the roof where 2 of them come together at the corner of the garage. With all the freezing rain and snow and the gutter running along there, a ice dam built up and pushed back up into an opening in there. Today the temp got up close to 40° so a lot of the snow and ice was melting and I was able to get up there with a tube of roofing cement and pack that messy stuff up in there. It looked as if there had been something there before but it had wore out. I am hoping this will take care of the water leaking into my garage. I am not hoping for more snow and freezing rain though to see!

Everyone stay safe and warm!

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