Sunday, December 16, 2007

We Have Snow!

Wow! Do we have snow or what! It is great and I love it, again, that is as long as I don't have to get out and drive in it, lol. Youngest DD went out and shoveled off our back deck so our 2 dogs, Max and Molly can make it out to the yard easier, a Beagle and Rat Terrier kind of get lost in this much snow. DH thought he would go out and run the snow blower in the driveway, did part of the driveway but when he tried to get his Mustang moved he ended up backing it up on top of a snow drift and getting it stuck, lol. I went out to help and he hooked the truck up to the car and I pulled him off of the snow drift. If he gets called to work today I will probably be taking him.

Getting a lot of digitizing done, some test stitching also. Working on a set of 15 Button and Bows ClipArt Designs that I purchased from
I am digitizing each design in 3 sizes, 2x2, 4x4 and 5x7. I was experimenting with doing a fringe border around the buttons, but decided I didn't like it that much.

Worked on stitching out a lighted compact insert design that I purchased from She has a special going on right now so check it out, great deal! I purchased 5 of the compacts which seem to be a hot item right now. Also the pattern to make the fabric pouch to store it in so it doesn't get scratched up. These are very cute and easy to make! I plan on keeping this one for myself, and the other four will go to family members for x-mas. Of course I had to make one for myself first to see how the designs stitched out ;-)

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