Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Monday and No School Due to the Weather

We have gotten a lot of snow! I was out driving (playing) in it today, I have to keep telling my 16 yr old son that hasn't gotten his license yet that he is suppose to drive like I say, not like I do! How many times have I heard this from my own Mother in regards to other things, lol.

I don't feel like I have accomplished anything creatively today. I decided to pull out my "old" QuickBooks Pro 2001 version and install it on my computer. My plan had been to use it to track stuff I list and sell on eBay (feeBay?) and PayPal fees and some other items if I ever get that idea going. I would like to actually see what I am spending and what I am making using eBay.

After loading everything it said I needed to register it, ok, I have all the numbers so no problem, so I thought, wrong. Had to call their help line, of course I had a hard time understanding the person I was talking to. I was asking about an upgrade, well there are quite a few upgrades in between I imagine, the lady said I could upgrade to 2008 version for a little bit of money, lol. It is always a little bit of money until I have to pay that bill.

I went ahead and purchased the upgrade and installed it, they are sending me a CD and a manual to go with it so I can install it on another computer if I need to. I then discovered that eBay can import my stuff into QuickBooks, great, went through all the steps and it said my stuff was imported. Ok, but I haven't figured out where in QB it is? Grrrrr

I did get my check book balanced in QB, to bad I already had it balanced in my checkbook register. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

I am feeling creative now, tired of the business side working all day. Think I will go sew something, or maybe take care of the laundry that is sitting in the baskets, or unload the dishwasher and re-load it. Kids being home, stuff sure does add up fast!

Stay warm and safe.

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