Thursday, January 24, 2008


Haven't posted much on here lately, been busy getting stuff made up to sell in a store setting. DH and DK's don't understand that I am "working". I am trying to get a variety of items made, from the fabric covered barrettes, to clippies, woven headbands, bottlecap necklaces and some embroidered picture wall hangings, want to have a variety to see what appeals to people the most and what they are willing to spend their hard earned dollars on. Then hopefully I will be able to narrow down the items I make to just a few select things.

My yahoo group is closed, I thought I had announced that previously? Anyway, I for one belong to to many groups and didn't want to make people have to join one more, lol.

There is something going on on the embroidery groups also that I really don't understand. There are a couple that I purchased memberships to that are transferring their designs to their web sites and making them password protected. Something to do with mean hateful e-mails and people trying to tell them how to do things?????

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