Thursday, January 10, 2008

Soooooo Busy! Thank you!

Well it is official, I am an official business with a tax ID! Sewitch Stitching! Darn now I guess I have to start paying taxes? Yeah I know I do, lol. I have been working on many projects, my most recent is the fabric covered barrettes that are stitched out in the hoop on my embroidery machine. Just a small amount of hand stitching to close up the edges then hot glue gun a barrette onto the back side.

I am selling these designs to those that are interested, this is such a fast and easy project and I hadn't seen anything like this out there so I decided to create my own. Working on getting a lot of items made up and hopefully renting and setting up a display in a local shop. More items in the works, love combining my embroidery with my crafty side.

Told You I have a Smart Grandson!

Here Grandpa is explaining how the child proof latches are installed on the cabinet doors.

Installation of the first bracket begins, using the power screwdriver, under Grandpa's careful supervision!

Uh-oh, power screwdriver lost power, have to switch to the regular screwdriver.

Now for the other cabinet door.

My Daughter (his Mom) took these pictures, so cute! Sorry friends he isn't for hire, you know child labor laws and all, lol.


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