Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Summer Time 2012

Where has the summer gone? Sure has been a busy one! We purchased a 2 bedroom trailer on a lake and I spent most of my time there and doing a lot of stitching! Of course I have a sewing
machine and a serger here too!

I caught a 18" bass!
The Grandkids had fun playing at the lake.

It was a great time to learn how to make penny rugs. These are my first ones.

Of course I had to make a couple of dresses for my Granddaughter Katie...I have only had these patterns since she was first born, she is now 3, so I guess I am a little behind

This is a heavy duty wood cabinet I picked up at an auction for $2.50, I decided to go girly and painted the base pink and added new hardware.  My embroidery machine sits securely on top, drawer stores my hoops, manuals and accessories. Behind the doors I store my stabilizers.

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