Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Garden Planted! Yippee!!

I have been so frustrated with worrying about getting my garden planted. We have had a lot of rain and I didn't think it was ever going to get dried out enough to get it planted. Well it finally did at least some what, it was still a little damp out there but I was bound and determined to get it done.

There was one low spot that I had never noticed before that just would not dry out, I hauled 4 of my little wagon loads of compost from my pile, cleaning out all the good stuff, and spread that mostly in that spot. I also moved our burn barrel back farther in our yard and dumped all the ashes from that into the garden and spread it around. Purchased 10 bags of organic humus and manure and added that all over the garden too. I figure if I keep adding to my garden in this way eventually it will raise the level of it up, lol.

The town we live in is said to have been built on swamp land, you can definitely see that in certain parts of town where the houses are crooked and sunk. Our house was built on a hill of fill dirt and debris, we don't have a basement. The back part of our yard therefore dips down and that is where the garden is and a shed.

Where our burn barrel had been sitting is now new garden ground, I went over it about 10 times with the tiller to get it dug up enough to plant sweet corn. Did not rake it off at all and used a planter to plant the corn, had trouble getting it through some spots where there were still clumps of grass, had to keep moving those out of the way, so I am sure my rows are going to be pretty wobbly, I don't think the corn will mind.

My strawberries are starting to get flowers on them. My Grandson Ryan (almost 3) remembers helping Mammaw pick strawberries last year and that is all he talked about while he helped me to plant some flower and radish seeds. I am sure those will be coming up all over my garden, such a big help! lol

I spent about 8 hours yesterday working up and planting my garden, but it is all done, of course it is raining again, at least it is gentle rain and not a torrential downpour, but I am hoping that since I have added to my garden and tilled it up that it will drain better and not flood as bad. Hopefully we are done with the April Showers and can start to enjoy more May Flowers!

I can now relax a little bit and get back to the normal day to day stuff, yeah right.

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