Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cricut Expression Machine

DH bought this for me for x-mas, at my request. I have only gotten it out and played around with it a few times. I decided the other day I wanted to try the glass etching, I wanted to make a plate for my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary. I had purchased 2 plates, one to play with and experiment on and the other for the final gift. I had to purchase some black vinyl luckily my local Wally World carries some Cricut stuff. Mission accomplished and I am for the most part happy with the results.
I already have 6 of the Cricut cartridges for designs and fonts but wanted something a little fancier. In my search on YouTube.com, looking for tips and tricks on using the Cricut, I came across information for another site that for $75.00 you can use any free font or dingbat designs and send them to your Cricut to be cut. The site is Craft Edge and the program is called SureCutsAlot. I thought about it and compared the cost of other cartridges and decided to go with this program. Downloaded it and ran it and it works like a dream. Will save me so much money! They even have a forum for help and where other kind generous souls share designs they have created. Thank you so much for an affordable alternative!!
Since my Cricut sat for so long it was a little dusty. I decided it needed a dust cover, I knew I had seen places where people were selling these but knew I could make one myself. I started to design the cover then decided to make it a tote with handles so I could move it from one place to another easily. Here is a pic of the final product.
Not totally happy with it though, lol. After I completed it I started having ideas on how to improve it. If I were to make another one I would add a pocket on the end to store the cord. Also the first run I put the zipper across the whole top, when I went to insert my Cricut, I had a heck of a time getting it in. So I slit one end and added another zipper. On the next one I would start the zipper down near the bottom on one end and run it across the top, the zippers I have are 21 inches, so they would work fine. Then I can just slide the Cricut in. Also I would use or make some pre-quilted fabric, especially if you wanted to haul your Cricut out of the house, would definitely offer it some protection.

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Anonymous said...

TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!! exactly what i want for mine, but i am to scared to try to make one... I am crafty I can make pillow and cases and blankets and i also embroider but i have no idea how to start to cut the fabric lol
would you be so kind to give me some tips? or would you have a tutorial?