Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Is Coming to Soon!!!

Two and a half weeks to go and I don't even have any decorations up, usually we get it done right after Thanksgiving but not this year, I have been way to busy, lol.

I have had a little help with some of my projects:

Here my Grandson Ryan is helping to wrap dowels to make Korker Bows

Oops dropped something.

He listens so intently.

Ryan twisting the dowel while Grandma holds the ribbon.

Yarn Puppy

Isn't it cute! I thought this would be a great seller at the store, but due to the bulk of the yarn and trying to get it turned right side out, I had to leave a lot of seams un-sewn and then hand stitch. To much work that people probably wouldn't want to pay for. But of course both of my daughters want one. I told them I would loan them the pattern, give them fabric, yarn and eyes and even some ribbon and they could make them themselves. Big no to that one.

Latest projects have been doing dog tags, very fun and easy to do!

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