Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bitten By the Prim Bug!!!

I suppose it was only a matter of time since the store where I have my space is mostly prim stuff, lol. Sometimes I feel out of place there but sales last month were really good! Thank you to all that made a purchase from me!!! It lets me continue to be a SAHW&M and continue doing what I love, spending time with my family and crafting.

My original search on the internet started with looking for prim ornaments to make, to hang on my tree at the store, which is the Country Lane General Store in Auburn, IN (just had to get that plug in there, lol) my tree looks pretty bare compared to all the other trees.

I found a lot of interesting sites and a lot of information out there too! One site I particularly love is She has a lot of free patterns and tutorials and I even purchased a couple of her patterns!

Some recipes I have been playing with the last couple of days. Candy canes, cinnamon buns and christmas cookies made from a salt dough recipe.
Cinnamon and applesauce balls, ummmm these smell so good!
I just so happened to have some prim apple fabric laying around
which makes a perfect bow for these.

My drying rack.

S'more fabric button necklaces for the store, soooo cute!

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