Friday, September 5, 2008

Latest Sewing Project and Family Addition

Latest sewing project, Fish house for the kitties! Sabre loves it!

Oldest Daughter Maegan's new Kitty, Princess Leia. She has been a sick kitty. Upper respiratory infection and an ear infection. Took her to the vet to be treated. Went again a week later to have all her shots and flea medicine and this time they gave her a antibiotic shot. She is still taking her liquid medicine and we are putting drops in her ears too, poor baby, doesn't look very happy does she. She is another rescue animal from the Shelter. She has been staying with me after trips to the vet, until my daughter gets off work in the evening, then she picks her up and takes her home.
This is our kitty, Lilly, from the Shelter. She is happy and healthy, and a pistol! Goes to the vet in a couple of weeks to be spade and front claws removed, of course my curtains will be destroyed by the time that happens.
Latest addition, Sabre. Thought we were getting a boy kitty, then my son brought him home and we discovered he is a she! She and Lilly love to tear around the house and play fight all the time. Glad they have each other to play with, that way they leave poor Blackie, our older male cat alone. She will be making a trip to the vet for her shots soon. Loves to be loved, the minute she hears your voice she is meowing wanting loved on. She came from a friend of my son Eric. Their cat had kittens and my son liked this one, so he brought her home. She is the littlest, but very spunky and gives as well as she gets from Lilly.
Have to add a pic of my Grandson Ryan playing with the hose. It has been so hot here, in the 90's and very humid. So what better way to water the yard and have some fun then to give the hose to him.

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