Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quilting In July?

Yeah, 90° + and I get in a quilting mood, lol. Actually it started with me trying to clean up my sewing room to get rid of some items and make room to actually work in here. Came across a quilt that I had helped my oldest daughter get started to make. She picked the block fabric's, and the block pattern, I showed her how to use the rotary cutter to make cutting easier, and then how to piece them together. Then sent her on her way home, but it came back to me. With her job and a 2 yr old, her time to sew is very limited so it came back to me with a lot of blocks to finish. After I pieced all the blocks together, I went shopping to pick out some border fabric and came across this funky yellow-orange splash, I thought it helped to bring out some of the colors in the blocks with butterflies. Stipple quilted which is my favorite quilting method!

After I finished her project I then decided to refresh my paper piecing skills. Pulled out a pattern I purchased from
called New Bumbly Bs. She has great directions plus free instructions and designs on her site also.

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